Recipes of the week – 26th January 2017

Supper last week was plentiful in delicious, healthy, quick suppers, but the winner had to be my adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s Ginger Shakin’ Beef from his book ‘5 ingredients’.


Beef or red meat can get some bad press.  But in our household, we love it and they play a part in our healthy diet.  Red meat is seriously nutrient dense, meaning they have a higher proportion of nutrients in a small amount.  It supplies vitamin B12 (good for DNA production and the nerve and red blood cell generation) and zinc which supports immunity.  Not only that but it is a fantastic source of protein, the building blocks of muscles and bones.  So keep it lean, keep it clean by eating from sustainable sources and preferably organic and grass fed, reducing any second hand chemical or hormone ingestion.


Ginger, is the other major ingredient in this dish, which could be classed a superfood for all its anti-inflammatory properties.  It is widely recognised that inflammation of any organ can lead to disease, whether that be your brain, heart or any major organ.  Think Alzheimer’s, dementia, coronary heart disease and some cancers.   It is good for lowering cholesterol and regulating insulin levels. It is also an anti-oxident and free radical fighter thanks to its phytonutrient compound.  You can use it in its dry powdered form or grated or sliced in its raw root form.   I cut mine up into chunks and keep in the freezer.


So for the recipe.

300g steak of your choice (I have used ribeye and fillet tails)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

4cm length of ginger, peeled and sliced in to little julienne strips / matchsticks

1 tablespoon of miso paste

2 teaspoons of runny honey (I used hilltop organic acacia honey)

1 tablespoon of either red wine or balsamic vinegar

2 -4 pak choi  / or mix with other greens

quinoa & mixed herbs / kombu

  • cook as per your instructions, your quinoa and set to one side
  • Remove any fat from the meat and cut into chunks and coat with the miso paste
  • Melt the coconut oil in a pan over a medium heat and then fry the ginger matchsticks until they are crispy, then remove to one side.
  • in the same pan add the steak chunks and toss regularly to cook for about 4 minutes ( or more or less depending on how you like your steak cooked)
  • Add in the honey and vinegar  and mix in for a minute, remove from the heat.
  • Steam or cook the bok-choi or other vegetables
  • Add a little olive oil and any herbs to your quinoa
  • Plate up and sprinkle over the ginger pieces.






This week – for the juice, it has to be Kris Carr’s “Crimson Dawn’.  This is not only a good way to boost energy levels in the morning in stead of your coffee or caffeine drink, but also packed with goodness to support immunity this winter.


I have put her portions below and what I used in brackets.  I like to use recipes as a guideline, but feel free to experiment.


For 2 servings (enough for at least 4):

4 medium carrots (I used 6 large)

1 medium beetroot (I used 2)

1 large navel orange, peeled (I used 2)

1 red bell pepper, stem and seeds removed (I used 1)

2 stalks of celery (I used none, as no one else except me in the house likes it!)

3/4 -1 inch ginger, peeled (I didn’t peel it!)


Wash everything.

Put in your juicer.

Pour, enjoy through a straw (to save your teeth).

Accompany with your breakfast or have a handful of nuts so you chew in order to start

your metabolism and digest the juice.



All the recipes and even more can be found on my facebook or instagram pages.  




Keep watching….  supper recipe of the week to follow on fridays!

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