How I fell in love with running: HIIT

About 4 years ago, I decided I needed to lose the baby weight and focus on my health and getting fit.  My youngest son, at 4 and half had just started to sleep for more than 4 hours a night.


But I was working pretty much full time (well paid part time, worked more than 40 hours a week – but that’s a different story) and along with work, childcare, household, relationship and social commitments, there didn’t seem to be much time.  Going to the gym and swimming all took planning, finding classes that were at the right time or with childcare were rare.


Running seemed like the obvious solution.  All I needed was my trainers and the motivation to get out of the door.


The only problem, I hated running.  My memory of running, was around the school pitches, for ages, in the rain or mist for over an hour.  I was always last, always out of breath.. and I found it deathly boring.


Fast forward 25 years and someone introduced me to HIIT.  Short, sharp, quick runs that get your heart rate up, burn fat and power the heart and make it stronger.  10 sprints and you can be done in 20 minutes.


Now that was more like it!  Trainers, back door, iphone, tunes, SPRINT… done.


Fast forward again, this time 5 years and I have 2 very active boys whose lives I am very involved in, a business to run, a house to renovate, a household to run, a partner to give lots of attention to and a social life.  But I am still finding the time to run.


And now, I love it.  I even run on my birthday, in the rain and snow, on holiday, with or without the family…


As I went out for a quick blast this morning, a friend said she wanted to move more towards cardio work outs rather than gym work.  So i wrote her up one of my initial HIIT sessions.


For anyone looking to love running, this may be for you.  Give it a go.  I would love your feedback…


This comes with a health and safety warning.  I am not a personal trainer.  Just an experienced HIIT-er.  If you are injured or looking to start working out after injury or after any time off exercise, please speak to a professional before embarking on any exercise that is different to what you do currently.


First of all, I always set my intention.  What is my intention for this HIIT?  To enjoy it, get fresh air, to sweat, to have fun, to work so hard I want to vomit, to get back in time for the scones in the oven?!

Warm up – very important or you will never run again!  (This is from my amazing PT at YOR Fitness)

Take a Deep breath, set your intention and GO!
Feet in T position 
Hang down, hands to floor
Stand up and reach arm on the same side as the top of the T behind you
Do twice
Do other leg


6 of each – quick tempo
Normal Squat (hip distance apart)
Wide squat
Narrow squat (feet together)
One foot forward squat
Other foot forward squat


4 of each – head in alignment with spine
Normal press up
Wide press up
Narrow press up (ok to drop knees if you aren’t already
One arm forward press up
Other arm forward press up


6 Wood chops 
Claps hands together
Wide squat and throw arms between legs, rise and lift arms over head, repeat



Now time to get outside! 

Warm up – jog, little steps – 3 minutes
Stretch calves – both legs, hold for 15-20 secs each and repeat


Sprints – 30, 20, 10:
30 secs Walk fast 
20 secs jog 50-60%
10 secs SPRINT -80-100% 
Repeat 10 times.
Cool down 3-5 minutes gentle jog


Sit ups 

20 of each – no rest in between
Oblique crunch – right
Oblique crunch – left
Toe touches – 90 degree leg bend
Reverse crunches
Leg pulses – feet in air
Alt curl/cycle
Repeat if you can!



Hold each for 20 secs
Child’s pose (on knees, head to floor) 
Pigeon pose (slide one leg behind you and inwards, lean forward). Switch legs
On your back, Knees to chest
Hamstring stretch, Lift a leg straight in the air, the other at right angles or flat to floor and gently pull the leg in air towards you. Switch legs
Glute stretch – ankle to opposite knee, squat gently til You feel the stretch in your bum. Switch legs
Calf stretch – reach high on tip toes, lower slowly, rock on to heels and repeat


Done!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️



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