Heal Yourself Happy – Getting Specific

It’s time I got specific… Just as I ask clients to be specific about goals I set them, I need to do the same for myself and my business by answering a few qustions;  What are my specific passions, skills and how and where do I want to use them?   Who do I want to help?  What are their specific needs, worries, fears?  Why am I qualified to help them and why would anyone want to work with me?


I launched my Holistic Health Coaching practice back in January having retrained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.   The course has been an extension of what I have learnt first hand personally over the last 4 years, learning even more from the world’s leading experts in health, wellbeing and nutrition.  The course has also given me a certification in transformational coaching and since the beginning of the year I have been working with clients to empower them to make choices and changes to their lifestyle, diet, well-being and happiness.


I have been specifically helping women with self-confidence and self-esteem, weight-loss and improving diet through understanding cravings, finding personal fulfilment and purpose in life, introducing techniques to bring calm in to frantic and busy lives, improving energy levels and sleep patterns with self-care habits, providing a safe space to discuss personal trauma, grief or loss as well as physical activity and exercise guidance.  The benefits, results and goals they are achieving to transform their lives in a relatively short space of time are profound.


I have a health blog, written for several magazines and about to contribute to a wellbeing series with a local radio station. I am well qualified with experience, having coached individuals in my teams throughout my 15 year corporate career to feel fulfilled in their work, inspired many to build a successful business through personal and team coaching and then personal experience of introducing a variety of health and wellbeing practices in to my own life while managing family life, personal loss and trauma and finally re-inventing my life so that I am a far happier, healthier person than ever before.


I started my holistic health coaching practice ‘Heal Yourself Happy’ in order to help women learn from my experience before they need it, to be a hand to hold while they experience challenging times or to be an accountability partner for those who are determined to make a change.


My programmes are bespoke to each individual, span 6 months and include individual sessions every 2 weeks over that period as well as support in between as required.


My health coaching programme is for women of the ages of 35 to 55 with any one or more of the following concerns:

  • For women who feel uncomfortable in their own skin, unhappy with their weight, their looks or age but dream of looking in the mirror and liking what they see and feeling desirable.
  • For women who are afraid of being alone, afraid of losing their husband / partner to illness or someone else, afraid of dying too young and missing out on life and the life of their children, but who want to be liberated from their fears in order to live fully now.
  • For women who have left a corporate career and feel they lost their independence at the same time; who have lost an income and want to contribute or feel secure financially; who have no motivation, energy and feel ‘lost’ and dream of finding their ‘sparkle’, their purpose and zest for life again.
  • For women who feel guilty on a daily basis that they don’t do ‘enough’, feel that others see them as ‘lazy’ but feel they are constantly juggling the lives and needs of others over and above their own.
  • For women who are losing parents or lost parents while still trying to be a good parent and a good spouse and just wish they could find the time to grieve.
  • For women who are facing the menopause with dread or already seeing the first commonly associated signs with hot sweats, weight gain, disturbed sleep and mood swings and would prefer to not use drugs or patches initially.
  • For women who are frustrated and bored with cooking and meal planning, of catering for multiple different tastes and would love to just cook once a day!
  • For women who feel lonely, insecure, lack confidence and hide away with the biscuit barrel dreaming of love and a vibrant social life but just too scared to take the first step of what seems a giant leap in building self-esteem.
  • For women who have lost all motivation to exercise and only feel worse when everyone around them is training for the next marathon, climbing challenge or triathlon.
  • For women who feel anxious, almost panicky all the time, frighten themselves with their mood swings, temper tantrums and unnecessary shouting and wish for calm and peace without having to run off to a desert island to find it.
  • For women who have been through a traumatic time and need a safe space to talk honestly and objectively, without judgement or opinion and without fear of boring a friend repeatedly with the same story.


This is a programme for women who know they want to change, to get out of rut they are currently in and benefit from one of the many outcomes of a tailor-made programme that will transform their lives sustainably.  This is for women who want to take responsibility and accountability for their health and feel empowered and motivated to take positive action.  This is for women who want to be happy.


This programme is not for women who are content to play the victim or the martyr and who are afraid of hard work.  It is not for anyone who is looking for a quick fix and immediate solution.  It is not for anyone who is closed minded and afraid of trying new things.  It is not for anyone who is looking to apportion blame or give excuses for their situation.  This programme is not for anyone who is undergoing medical or hospital treatment for a significant current diagnosis.


Initial consultations are free and last 50-60 minutes,, can be done in persion, over phone or video conference and include a discussion of a health history questionnaire provided prior to the scheduled session.  At the end of the consultation, there is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss a bespoke programme without obligation to continue on either part.


I am always happy to discuss anything further and answer questions and feel free to share with anyone else who you believe would benefit from any of the comments above.  In the meantime,  you can follow me on Facebook @healyourselfhappywithali or Instagram @heal_yourself_happy.


Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to share and allowing me to be excited.


‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ Einstein.





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