The Mindful Minute

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed…. are you feeling ‘over everything’?


This has been me.  It is quite often me.


And i know that my answer, my solution to this feeling is taking some time to be mindful, to re-centre myself and do a meditation practice – either guided with one of the apps (my preferred is calm, but I know many who use headspace) – or just one of my own 10 minute peace finding rituals.  But I just don’t have the time!  Or I feel that my mind is racing far too much to settle!


Yet, I know the benefits of meditation would help me!  Meditation serves the body in wonderfully and magically fantastical ways.  It has been known to reduce cognitive decline (who doesn’t want that in an aging population?)  just for starters and the other benefits are endless – immunity boosting, creativity flowing, emotion balancing, blood pressure reducing and mentally stimulating, changing and rewarding.


So born out of frustration of not having time or headspace but knowing the importance of a regular practice, I devised and dreamt up the ‘Mindful Minute’.  I could do this anywhere – at my desk, in my kitchen, in the car while I sat at the school gates, I have taken a walk around the garden barefoot and done it… and even found a quiet minute in the bathroom.

Do try it!  and let me know your feedback!

Find a comfortable position (lying, sitting, or you can even do walking).  You can use this anywhere, anytime you feel overwhelmed.  The best time is first thing when you wake up, just before you need to get up.  I find that rather than slope out of bed, I find renewed energy…

  • Relax.
  • Take a deep breath in
  • Shoulders up, back and down
  • Breath out
  • Take 2-3 big deep and long breaths in and out, place your hands on your belly and feel your hands rise and fall / move in and out. 
  • Start by wiggling your toes and move your consciousness to the soles of your feet.  Start to feel your energy moving through every part of your body. Through your feet, around your ankles, sweeping over your calves, circling your knees, stroking your thighs, around your hips, over your loins and soft belly; feel it enter your lungs, find your spine, and circle your heart; let it move into your chest, cup your shoulders, flow down your arms, around your elbows and into your fingers; Let it massage away any tension in your shoulders and flow through your throat, up your neck, into your mouth, through your nose, around your eyes and up in to your brain and head ..   
  • If you have any areas of pain / discomfort / tension – feel warmth and love in to these areas.  You are alive and have feeling.  Breathe through and into the areas of discomfort.
  • Finally see the energy release through the crown of your head like a whoosh of bright energy!  And sit here for a moment feeling the warmth and energetic flow through your body.
  • Take 1-2 deep breaths, open your eyes and move on with your day in a state of calm.


Personal 121 guided minutes can be arranged – just ping me a message in any of the ways in the contacts page.


Have a wonderful day!  Enjoy one or many mindful minutes.




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