Mindful Minute – The Video

I am starting a series of short videos to cover common issues and health goals I have noticed with many clients and also covering any questions from anyone and everyone looking to achieve a health goal.


This covers a common goal to be ‘more zen’, to help reduce the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.  Many of us these days lead such busy lives that living mindfully and in the present moment can be a challenge.  The same goes for finding time for meditation or relaxation practices – evening finding 10 minutes can be a challenge.


Welcome the mindful minute;  a tool I dreamt up to help me reset my mind, let go of the racing thoughts and anchor myself back in to the present.




Enjoy and please do let me know how you get on …


Contact me more if you would like to know more about mindfulness, meditation or any other practices that can help ease tension, stress and overwhelm.






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