Mindful Monday Series – Gratitude

This is the third recording in a series of Monday Mindful Moments for anyone who would like to start their week with the intention of being calm and centred which will in turn bring focus, productivity, creativity and innovation.   These recordings will be between 5 and 10 minutes long and can be used any time you need to find some peace and calm in your mind.

Today, we are doing a short 5 minute reset meditation that I find really useful to lift my spirits, start the day or any point in your day or week,  strong and positive.

You can click here for the guided meditation:  Mindful Moment – Gratitude

Or you can read below in advance of your mindful moments:

So let’s start by finding a comfortable position for you, take a breathe and close your eyes.

Allow your shoulders to relax and let all the tension drain from your body.


Allow your mind to let go of any thoughts and start to anchor on your breath.


For the next few minutes, hive yourself permission to relax and surrender;  no body wants anything from you, there are no expectations, there is nothing to do so just relax and still your mind..

Breathe, Count to 10 slowly

For the next minute, just focus on your breathing;  you can focus on the feeling of the rise and fall of your belly, or the breath through your nose;  if it helps you can count your breath in and breath out – 1, 2 –  or just think breathing in, breathing out.  Just find something that works for you for the next 60 seconds.

Allow 60 seconds to pass

For the next minute, we are focussing on our bodies that give us life, the ability to move, eat, laugh, hug, smile and run!  Just take the time to allow your mind to wander and scan your body;  hold your thoughts and breathe in to any parts of you that may feel tense… allow your mind to think grateful thoughts for your strong and healthy, self healing body for the next 60 seconds.

Allow 60 seconds to pass

For the next minute, reflect on the fact that it is not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude that brings joyfulness.    Allow images or thoughts of what you are most grateful for today, this moment or this week;  it could be a loved one…. Or a cup of tea a colleague just brought you;  it could be a roof over your head or the train running to time…  feel the waves of gratitude fill your heart for the next 60 seconds.

Allow 60 seconds to pass

For the next minute, use your imagination to visualise something in your future;  perhaps one you are nervous about?  Or perhaps an event you are really looking forward to..   or evening something that you want to happen…   allow a smile to form on your face and imagine yourself there, how will you feel, what you will be doing…. happy, confident…  imagine for the next 60 seconds and be grateful for the wonderful things about to happen.

Now, take a final deep breathe in and allow the feelings of gratitude move from your mind to your heart.

Breath out while holding that feeling.

Take one final breathe, and as you finish, smile and open your eyes.

Have a great week!

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