Drop in Health Check: Could a few tweaks make all the difference to how you feel?

I went to see Ali after having made progress myself with losing weight for the first time in about 3 years of constant battle.  I was feeling healthier, people were commenting how good I was looking which secretly I liked, but still I lived with the fear of putting weight back on.  I used to weigh myself daily and then panic as I was stagnating.

I decided to see Ali for a “Drop-In Health Check” where in a single session we talked to identify my main health concerns and together, defined a plan of little tweaks that I was comfortable with trying based on my goal to maintain the weight loss in a holistic way.  Ali identified further areas of change I could make in my diet – in fact I ended up eating more for breakfast, staying full longer and hence less snacking, advised on my water intake, assessed my exercise regime, sleep pattern and made suggestions of how I could make time for simple pleasures every day for just me, making me a priority, which would create a more balanced happy approach to my life and enable the weight loss to be maintained.

A month later I went back to see Ali and review the tweaks she suggested and see how I was getting on following our initial meeting.  Despite my initial scepticism, I can honestly say the little tweaks have made the world of difference, my improved diet has enabled me to be more balanced and calmer around my family, leading to a more harmonious family life.  I am feeling so much more confident and content and no longer worry to the same extent about the number on the scales, its how I feel in my clothes and overall!

I would encourage anyone who is feeling slightly overwhelmed, not knowing how to create a balanced lifestyle and anxious about their weight to see Ali, as she will inspire you to retrain your mind: think successfully, live well, eat clean and work out intelligently.

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