Claire: from being hurt by love to finding true love

Claire was one of my very first clients and who was brave enough to reach out to me and ask for help.  She had been hurt by love and betrayal not once, but twice in quick succession and all she wanted to was to be loved and to love again.  For Claire, this was a transformational programme of healing, discovering who she really was and then learning to love herself again. The minute she found peace with herself, the Universe and her past and had created a full life, love found her.


My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to rediscover myself, to find my happiness again and to learn to love myself.  Ali was able to help me work toward these goals by showing me by example how trusting in the universe removes stress and anxiety, recommending inspirational books, sending me positive quotes that “spoke” to me, listening and not judging me in any way and guiding me to see things from another point of view.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have let go of trying to control my life, it is such a relief!  I now trust in the Universe, feel my angels supporting me and see my signs continuously which remind me I am on the right path.  The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I feel so much more relaxed and happy!  It is so comforting knowing that things happen for a reason, even the tough times.


The most useful tips and/or techniques to bring about a change were  reading about how to trust in the Universe, raising my vibration, being encouraged to try reiki healing, receiving positive quotes, knowing that every fortnight I would be able to pour my heart out to Ali and she would listen calmly and respond with observations that would help me to see my things from another, more helpful, point of view.  I was encouraged to try lots of different techniques and knowing that Ali also did these techniques (eg meditation) made me realise the value of them.


From working with a health coach, my overall health has improved  because I feel calmer and happier, I know I can enjoy my life on my own! (but it’s nicer with a partner…!)


I would describe my Health Coach, Ali, as inspirational, knowing a little bit about what she has been through and seeing how she has come out the other side really encouraged me, as our “stories” were similar in some ways. She is encouraging, sympathetic (but not in a soppy way), sees the funny side of things and I really felt that she was routing for me.  Telling me that she was dancing around the kitchen when I told her I had met someone lovely was a very personal, warm response.


I would recommend my Health Coach, Ali, to anyone who is going through a tough time, particularly through divorce/relationship troubles.  She helped me to see myself as “me” not just a wife and mother and I really like myself! I’ve got to a point where my life is good, I have a lovely home, my children are happy, I have a great social life with my wonderful girlfriends, I can socialize with couples without any awkwardness, I’m finding it easier to walk into a room on my own, I recognize the benefits of a single life (eg. booking a holiday to visit a friend because I can do what I want, when I want).  And it is at this point that I’ve found a lovely new man who, fingers crossed, I’m hoping to spend the rest of my life with!  The Universe has delivered.


Last summer I did a similar cosmic ordering session to the one I did with Ali, with a friend who has been single for 5 years.  She also believes in angels but took a little convincing about trusting the Universe (“it’d better hurry up and deliver!”)  We had lots of fun together, comparing notes about our online dates and encouraging each other.  I always ended our conversations by telling her to trust the Universe and she’d say that she wished she had my optimism.  Anyway, she’s now with a lovely French man!  And 100% believes in cosmic ordering!


Thanks Ali, couldn’t have done it without you!



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