Sammie: from chronic tiredness to turning cartwheels

This is a wonderful testimonial from a busy working Mum of 2 young children, running her own business who was on her knees with exhaustion and frustration at not being able to accomplish what she wanted to – lose weight and grown her business while still being present for her family.  Well done Sammie!


At 42 I found myself on the wrong side of 40. With two little ones (my youngest aged 2), a business, a busy husband and a household to run; I felt physically as if I was in my 80’s and emotionally done and as frustrated insomniac I was tired, chronically tired.


Everything hurt and nothing was working, I was finding it hard to get motivated, struggling to lose the baby weight and finding time to exercise, my work/life balance was not at all balanced, my kids and husband were suffering with my moods and I felt guilty. Guilty that I wasn’t doing anything right, guilty that I couldn’t do it, guilty I wasn’t spending more time with the family and guilty that when I did they didn’t have the best of me…….and then I met Ali.


Ali literally turned it all on it’s head. Over 6 months she helped me with my diet and how to incorporate eating well into my busy life in a alway that suited me, she gave me solutions to help with the insomnia (brilliant ones at that!).  She introduced me to tools to deal with pain both physically and emotionally, taught me mindfulness (something I had never really grasped before) and most importantly she gave me my love of life back. She kept in constant contact and if something didn’t work or didn’t suit, we changed it.


To put it bluntly I am so much happier.


I’m now the one with endless energy that fights pirates in the garden, cartwheels on the beach (well tries!) and loves every minute I spend with my family. My business goes from strength to strength and being in my 40’s with two young kids – well, who wouldn’t!


My family and I love Ali. Thank you Ali, for your patience and grace – more people need you in their lives!


If this sounds like where you want to be, please contact me on ali@heal-yourelf-happy or 07775 912090 to determine how I can help you.

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