Testimonial: Joe – how happiness balls teenage ADHD

I have recently been privileged enough to be able to help teenagers understand the impact of their diet on their mental health; how high sugary treats and foods can lead to blood sugar highs and then the inevitable lows. This can exacerbate any anxious tendencies they may already have and therefore, guiding and suggesting alternatives that they enjoy can have wonderful effects.

This testimonial is written by Joe’s Mother:

Joe is 14 years old and was diagnosed with moderate combined ADHD at the age of 13. He is currently taking the prescription medication Concerta, which helps him with processing and concentration but we are very conscious of the positive role a good diet can also play in assisting Joe. Ali has offered great support in this respect and one of the major goals in diet terms is to reduce the refined sugar in Joe’s diet which not only helps him in terms of managing his ADHD but also in relation to teenage acne outbreaks which have been causing him a lot of distress.

The recipes Ali has recommended have been a great success and we still have many more of her recommendations to try. Joe, as is common in ADHD children, craves sugar and Ali’s Happiness balls have been a revelation!! Joe hasn’t eaten ANY processed chocolate or sweets since I made the first batch and prior to that he used to raid the sweet cupboard on a daily basis, but obviously just doesn’t feel the need to now. I also think the fact that he isn’t lapsing and eating what he knows doesn’t help him has boosted his confidence as he feels he is exerting a degree of self control. Equally the banana muffins have also been a great addition! He is eager to try more of Ali’s suggestions which in itself is hugely positive as he previously had a fairly limited range of foods which he would eat.

Overall Joe is enjoying the diet changes Ali has suggested and is keen to continue making positive changes to his diet. In addition, his skin has improved significantly, which has greatly improved his confidence.

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