Be Happy – It’s Friday: The Path of Change is lined with jewels and pearls of wisdom

Last week as I wrote, I was surrounded by rambling roses.  This week, I am surrounded by meadow, dancing butterflies, the white tails of bunnies catching my eye and the sounds of the wind in the long grass and trees.  The meadow happened quite by accident.  The tractor mower broke and in the two weeks it took for the spare parts to arrive, the fields turned into a magical place!  James moved an old bench to the furthest point and then rather than mowing the grass, he just cut me a winding path to my very own little quiet sanctuary.  I have spent time here every day, being still or getting my head in the right space, doing some early morning sun salutations and even brought the boys up here for a picnic lunch. 

Life has a funny way of showing us, forcing us even, to slow down, be patient and then rewards us with something magical in return.  I have seen it with some work projects too- disappointment that actually forced a reflection and a change of tack that leads to something far better and more rewarding. 

I was also reminded this week, of a similar ‘redirection’ in the labyrinth in life by a quote “you cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick.”  It’s been just over 2 years that life as we knew it as a family hit a ‘brick wall’ that forced us to make some big decisions about where we lived, how we worked and who we socialised with.  We moved to a broken, tired and run down house, hidden by 10 foot hedges.  Many judged us and many couldn’t understand.  But this quote crystallises the reasons.  Initially, we just breathed for the first time in a long time. Then just like any seed that is planted or plant re-potted, we began to grow new roots, we gradually made changes to both the house and as a couple, a family and individuals.  Yesterday, the final touches were made to complete phase 1 in the house.  The garden is in full bloom, the roses are in abundance and we are flourishing as a family! 

Change can often feel daunting; many of us only make changes when it really hits the fan.  We like what we know and fear what we don’t know, even though what lies ahead may be filled with beauty and success and the journey paved with jewels as pearls of wisdom. 

I walked up my winding path through the long grasses thinking I was going to write about something totally different – if you must know, about the benefits of a morning routine!  But I will leave that for another time!  I was also excited to share with you the secret behind crispy (rather than soggy) sweet potato fries… and you will be pleased to know, I have shared that with you below! 

The changes and road blocks over these last few weeks have led me to writing and launching my first 2 books!  Something I have dreamt of doing for a long, long time (for those of you who read ‘thealisandwiches’ blog will know!) Both are the culmination of the tools that were lifesavers along my journey of change; one focussing on having a happy and strong mind and the other all about the importance on focussing on and listening to our gut.  It is, after all, coined our second brain.  

To get your free copy of ‘5 minutes to a Happy Mind’, click the link : You will find 20 different exercises to bring peace and calm to your day in just 5 minutes.  These have all be tried and tested by me, my private clients and my children.  Enjoy!

The ‘2 Days to a Happy Belly’ will be available next week! 

Heal Yourself Happy News!

  • Join the HYH Hub in July and get a free 30 minute coaching session.  This month, we are focussing on our Gut Health and the part it plays in your overall health and a focus on Weightloss for anyone wanting to feel great on holiday this year!  The Hub is a community with group coaching and accountability where you get all the guidance, top tips and support I give my private clients for only £32 a month (you can join and leave at any time).  You can get all the details by using the button below.
  • 2 Day’s to a Happy Belly Plan.  Last month, I needed to calm IBS symptoms, relieve some digestive issues, feel more energised and focussed as well as lose the few pounds I had put on through comfort eating!  So I wrote myself a 2 day plan to do a reset and refresh of my gut and the results were amazing!   I woke up on day 3 without any tummy troubles, felt lighter and brighter than I had done in weeks.  I have written up a plan and it will be available next week to download. Watch out for more details!
  • Summer drop in’s. Over the summer holidays, when you want a sanity check or even just some ideas to help you stay healthy with all the kids food around- book in a 121 call with me and let’s get you straight. Watch out for availability on the Heal Yourself Happy Facebook page at the beginning of each week.

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