Be Happy, It’s Friday! – Finding your happy place…

Well – be happy, it’s Friday!  And I am definitely happy today.  I am in my happy place.  In the sun, on the water, surrounded by family and en route to meet more family. 

Although, I am not a sailor, sailing has been a big part of my life and a big part of my ability to relax and switch off.  I have always found it a very easy place to find the time to be and live mindfully, connecting with all of the senses without thinking consciously about it.  Right now, as I sit in under the bimini, I hear the sound of the wake slapping against the tender, I feel the wind caressing my back, tousling my salty hair, I can taste the very strong, good black Grecian coffee I had to start my day and all around me, I appreciate the deep blue of the colour of the sea and the dramatic coastline of Ithaca.

I have also found that this holiday is a ‘stake in the ground’ and a good reflection point;  yesterday, as the boys played around on the paddle board, I took a moment to think over the events of the last year and also to remind myself of who I was and how I felt this time last year.  This time last year, I was still felt the slight heaviness of the hangover of my years of depression;  I spent nights and evenings sat on deck watching for shooting stars, wishing on them and giving myself hope that one day I would feel free again.  It has been a real year of growth and I can appreciate that now; there has been no insomnia, no nights on deck.  I am content in my body and quiet in my mind.  I can’t quite remember when I last felt quite this happy.    Small steps of progress over the last 12 months, of really facing in to any remnants of pain and at the same time pushing myself further out of my comfort zone has moved me further away from a past I want to forget, but can also now feel hugely grateful for.  Those dark days, those long spells the bottom of the ocean floor staring longingly up towards a beautiful mountain top may be far behind me, but without them, I wouldn’t appreciate how wonderful life is today.  (I felt inspired to record my feelings – you can see me nearly falling off the boat on IGTV – instagram @heal_yourself_happy)

So sailing is my happy place and also my healing place.  We all need one.  I am consciously thankful that mine is in such luxury; but I have healing places dotted around my home – in the garden on my bench listening to the birds, in my kitchen experimenting with flavours, down by the river running.   And I have learnt that wherever I am, my biggest healing place is in the imagination of my mind and all I need to do is take a deep breathe, close my eyes and dream.

This is what I shared with someone who asked me on social media.  When I was in the dark, I remember holding on to a tiny piece of hope that happiness would return.  When particularly black spells hit, I would visualise running down a beautiful garden to throw myself to the floor and lie on the fresh grass and look at the blue sky, listen to the birds and feel the happiness coursing through my soul.  Within 12 months it became a reality.  As I explained, it was like looking through a telescope; to pinpoint a small slice of happiness that I believed would one day be real.  When I followed it, it began to magnify and my world began to expand and open and the happiness spread slowly but surely around all aspects of my life.

And here I am, writing my weekly newsletter as we sail down to Kefalonia to pick up Granny and Grandpa, feeling happy and not just because it is Friday.

In today’s newsletter, I am sharing some tips for how to remain healthy while eating out. I have been following these this week – if my body feels good, not bloated or over indulged, I feel so much happier.

I also felt great in my body before I came away as I had reset my digestion, lost a few lbs, felt lighter and therefore brighter having followed my own ‘2 Days to a Happy Belly’ plan.  The testimonials of those who have trialled it and also bought it, are just fantastic!  And I am delighted that the plan can work for everyone.    You can get more details and information below.

Earlier this week, I launched my 2 Days to a Happy Belly Plan.  

Do you suffer from a bloated belly or terrible IBS?

This was me! And then I wrote myself my own plan to ease my discomfort. I have asked a select group to trial it for me to see if they had the same amazing results… and they did! Flatter tummies, less bloating and a calmer tummy..

If this is you? Grab your copy of the detailed plan by clicking on the links below – get all the recipes, a shopping list, meditations, physical and mental exercises.

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Heal Yourself Happy News!

2 Day’s to a Happy Belly Plan – Amazing results coming in!  I am delighted to be receiving all the wonderful testimonials and feedback from those who have been doing the 2 days to the Happy Belly Plan.  Everyone is resetting their digestion, feeling better about the amount they eat, feeling lighter and brighter!  Get your copy in the link above!   

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And Finally… for anyone else on holiday or going out this weekend, here are my top tips for sticking to your intentions of being healthy, while going out!

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