Be Happy! It’s Friday! – Friday family night…

Well – be happy, it’s Friday! 

It has been one of those days.  Nothing has gone to plan or to timing.  I like to write my weekly thoughts and musings first thing in the morning, with my coffee, in the peace and quiet of the day when my head is clear and refreshed.    But my brain is boggled with everything that went wrong today…. Rescheduled client appointments, missed dentist appointments, last minute dashes to get the dog taking up 90 minutes of my day, disruption and chaos everywhere! … and all thanks to an ear that feels that it has a red hot poker shoved in it and technology malfunctions. 

Usually, I like to sit on my bench in the field, or the garden table or somewhere where I feel like I am not working.  But I am at my desk… and can’t think.  Reader, wait a moment, I am going to move.

And breathe.  It’s Friday.  It’s time to be happy!

So, what is a happy Friday night?  Certainly not sorting out technology mishaps, malfunctions and large unexplained or unauthorised payments…. Or listening to James mow the lawn, watching him pace up and down chatting to himself meaning he certainly has something on his mind…. Or listening to the boys fight – a clear sign they want our attention and are hungry.

Friday night in our house is family night.  It is supper around the kitchen table with one of our favourite meals – fajitas, steak & chips or something suitably treat worthy.   It is opening a bottle of red wine and sighing in to the aromas of the taste to come.  It is collapsing on to the sofas and beanbags in a jumble with our four legged friends (Percy and Perdi) and choosing a movie as we all slowly relax in to the weekend.

This ritual was formed as we re-bonded our family back together.  After our period of separation, this was one of the key healing factors that nursed our broken hearts and stitched ‘us’ back together and reminded us of our strong foundations and shared values.  Family.  Comfort.  Love.  Time for each other.  No. Matter. What.

And here we are, spread all in a different room or place.  This needs to be rectified!

I am off to open that bottle of red and cook the steaks (recipe below!) and gather my family back around the kitchen table that I am currently writing on.  A table, incidentally that has seen many families around it; an old farmhouse table moved through the generations of Mortimer’s;  full of flaws, broken legs and the dangerous nail that we all know to avoid.  But still together, still going, still strong and lovingly restored by each owner so that it is unique and perfect in it’s imperfections.

On the brief topic of red wine – I enjoyed my fair share of the anti-oxidising wine on holiday over the last 2 weeks.  So I am going to ‘reset’ my digestion and do a mini detox and get myself back in to good healthy eating and lifestyle habits. I am going to do my 2 Days to a Happy Belly on Thursday & Friday next week and would love some accountability!  Who is with me?!  Are you about to go on holiday and fancy feeling great in your clothes?  Or have you just come back and want a reset too?

Let’s do it in real time together and feel the power of community and partnership!  If you are interested, watch out for all the details, coming to your inbox on Monday!

Heal Yourself Happy News!

  • 2 Day’s to a Happy Belly Plan – Group Accountability with me and in REAL TIME!  As mentioned above, I am going to be doing this plan personally on Thursday & Friday next week.  Join me and let’s benefit from the accountability by doing it in real time together.  I will open up a private group so you can ask me any questions, share any concerns and celebrate our results!  Details will be coming out on a separate email on Monday… so WATCH OUT!
  • Join the HYH Hub in July and get a free 30 minute coaching session.  In the final days of this month, we are focussing on our Gut Health and the part it plays in your overall health and a focus on Weightloss for anyone wanting to feel great on holiday this year!  This week we are focussing on how Stress plays a key part in both your gut health and weightloss.  The Hub is a community with group coaching and accountability where you get all the guidance, top tips and support I give my private clients for only £32 a month (you can join and leave at any time).  You can get all the details by using the button below.
  • Summer drop in’s. Over the summer holidays, when you want a sanity check or even just some ideas to help you stay healthy with all the kids food around- book in a 121 call with me and let’s get you straight. Watch out for availability on the Heal Yourself Happy Facebook page at the beginning of each week. 

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And finally…. for that steak dinner, try this recipe! It’s one of my favourites for a Friday night.

See you next week for more Health & Happiness musings, thoughts, tips and recipes. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook (see links below in the website footer) or sign up for my weekly newsletters here:

Lots of love

Ali x

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