Be Happy, It’s Friday! Health Happiness and Pizza!

Be Happy, it’s friday!

Be Happy – it’s Friday!

Be Happy, It’s Friday!  That was a little tricky to believe this morning as I woke up to the sound of rain slashing against the windows.  But then my face was being covered in little kisses with the whisper – ‘Mummy, it’s time to go surfing!’  With one too many a cosmopolitan (and with me it only takes one! #totallightweight) this wasn’t really what I had in mind for a leisurely first day of holiday.

I remember someone saying to me that sometimes you have to ‘fake it, til you make it’… so I faked it.  I threw on my positivity cloak, squeezed my 43 and half year old body in to a wetsuit I bought on my first trip to Cornwall over 20 years ago and as we limbered up on the beach to the sound of the ‘beach boys’ through the car radio, the rain stopped and the sun was desperately trying to make an appearance.

We ran ‘Baywatch’ style down to the shore and found we had the surf pretty much to ourselves, save for one little surfing school.  There is nothing like the feeling of catching a wave right at it’s peak, balancing on the crest, surrounded by the white foam – it feels like you are flying!  That smile I faked just 60 minutes earlier, was real.

You can’t beat a positive attitude… you can’t beat spending time with little people who see the fun more than hassle, who remember the feelings of exhilaration more than they remember the feeling of their cold toes, of hot chocolates and marshmallows rather than soggy wetsuits.

I am finally relaxing in to the holidays; routine and disciplined habits a long distance memory and am now finding new ways to ensure I get what I need to stay feeling happy and healthy.  Pleasing my family with food they love, but I know won’t give me a guilt trip has been a fun experiment and the delight of my boys with my latest pizzas made me so happy that I am sharing the recipe with you all below.  Getting exercise in whatever way I can, whether that be dog walks, beach walks, sand dune surfing and boogie boarding still mean I am moving my body, getting my heart rate up, pumping oxygen around my body and still giving me the mental relief I find that a run or a gym session would normally find during term time. 
And quiet time, some solace even if it is 5 minutes to go and get the papers to allow me to breath and connect with me – not Mummy, nor partner, coach, mentor, cook, pot washer, housekeeper, laundry lady and bed maker.  Me for 5 minutes, giving oxygen to myself in order to keep family life in order for the other 23hours 55 minutes of the day!

And with that, it’s time to nip to the local shops to get provisions as we have a house full and guests for a great British BBQ in so much rain that we have a yellow weather warning here in Cornwall!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
With much love

It’s Pizza time!

I may be a little late to the pizza dough making malarky, but only because it is not that easy in our house.  Willy is Coeliac so can’t have any smidge or flake of gluten or wheat near him or we have a projectile vomit situation and then 2 weeks of pain as his stomach lining is destroyed.  And I have a dairy intolerance – not quite as dramatic as Willy, but I look as pregnant as I did when I was 6 months pregnant with him if I eat dairy.

It has taken many a failed attempt, but the result finally last friday was a pizza we could all enjoy and so much so that the boys asked for it a second night in a row!

So there is a video here for you to see how I make the dough and all the ingredients and quantities are in the recipe cards shared below.

I don’t have a fancy pizza oven – our simple oven at 220C worked perfectly well.  Although I would now secretly like a pizza oven so open to any recommendations for any of you pizza makers!

We had great fun choosing our own toppings and sharing slices with each other for the first time. Clearly mine was the best with fresh tomatoes and lots of asparagus… and next time, I want to try palma ham, goats cheese and some of our figs which will be ripe in a week of so!

What is your favourite topping??

Heal Yourself Happy News!

  • 2 Day’s to a Happy Belly Plan – Great Results & Group accountability continues..    The Number of people with Happy Bellies is growing!  The results and testimonials of this plan continue to make people so happy with their flatter tummies before they go away on holiday or just because they are able to reset their eating habits after some holiday indulgence. People are continuing to buy the plan and join the group on a weekly basis and the support is really heart warming to see as those who have done the plan cheer them on.  The private group will remain open and you will find a whole host of lovely ‘Happy Belliers’ there cheering you on!  Get your copy of the plan by using the button below.
  • Join the HYH Hub in August and get the 2 Days to Happy Belly Plan for FREE.  This Sunday we started our new programme – The Happy Body:  The 5 pillars of Health.  The first pillar is all about Food and drink.  In this pillar I share the importance of bio-individuality – the concept that each person is different – one man’s food is another man’s poison. In this pillar I also share what real food is, how much food you really need and dispel some dietary myths that have many people confused.  The Hub is a community with group coaching and accountability where you get all the guidance, top tips and support I give my private clients for only £32 a month (you can join and leave at any time).  You can get all the details by using the button below.
  • Summer drop in’s. Over the summer holidays, when you want a sanity check or even just some ideas to help you stay healthy with all the kids food around- book in a 121 call with me and let’s get you straight. Watch out for availability on the Heal Yourself Happy Facebook page at the beginning of each week. 

For more details on how to join the HYH Hub here:

For more details on how to get your copy of the 2 DAys to a Happy Belly:

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