Be Happy It’s Friday! Being your own Health Coach…

How is it the end of August already?!!! I am amazed every year how quickly the summer seems to end, when at the start it seems like an eternity away. 

And so here I am, sat at my desk (it’s too cold this week to go outside), with my coffee and a bowl of fruit topped with my delicious fig compote (recipe below), pondering.

I am full of cold.  Which I always find embarrassing as a Health Coach!  Surely, I should always be a picture of health!?  But really, it’s ok.  Well, not ok as I have so much to do!  I need to get organised for BTS, buy all the shoes and trainers, see if the trousers fit, find their blazers, panic that they are too small and no sizes left! And sort out a dinner party menu for Saturday, buy all the food, prep all the food, tidy the house, decide what to wear, what flowers to display – all dependent on the changeable weather.  And then there is my new exciting HYH work project (very excited!), collating my HYH recipe book, nurturing my clients, helping people with their Happy Belly Plan, weightloss and health goals….  Not to forget I am meant to be back in the gym or running at least 4 times this week to help tighten the holiday wobble… oh and did anyone say anything about me time, self care and quality time with the family and James……(do you have a list like that?!)

And so therein lies the issue! Being a Health Coach, I teach and share techniques with my clients to help them become aware of themselves – their body and their mind.  So, I have been holding a mirror up to myself and giving myself a little health coaching session and asking myself ‘how do I feel?’ And then really digging deep and then asking myself ‘why do you feel the way you do?’  Why do I feel so rotten and run down and energy-less when I should be fully refreshed after yet another amazing holiday in Cornwall?

The answer is simple.  While I have LOVED every minute of the last 2 weeks (how couldn’t I?  we have had 2 lots of our bestest friend families stay with us in our favourite place in the UK doing all our favourite seaside activities, celebrated a fantastic decade of the Willy Mouse, feasted on delicious food and wine and spent some lovely time with my legendary Dad and Granny Edna AND saw England save the Ashes at Headingly on a glorious British summer day…)…. I haven’t had a ‘day off’ to do literally nothing, or look after myself, or slow down, meditate, be still since I started to get ready to go away on 12th August… that’s nearly 3 weeks ago!

My next question to a client would be, “what do you feel you need to do?”  So what do I need to do in order to feel better and well again?”  My answer – a day of nothing.  Not even emptying the dish washer.  My bed and a book or a bit of Netflix.  Lots of fresh juices and someone to make me a healthy meal. 

What’s the likelihood of that happening?  Hmm..  let me rephrase that as a Health Coach to myself…. What do you need to do in order for that to happen and when will you make it happen?  I need the boys to be happy back at school, James at work and a cleared desk of all priorities.   My date with me will be scheduled for next Thursday which is perfect timing as it will also be the first day of doing my 2 Days to a Happy Belly plan – a day to reset and refresh and restore!

This series of questions are so useful in any situation to bring awareness, acceptance and then action to make a change, and particularly relevant when you aren’t feeling healthy or happy:
– How do you feel?
– Why do you feel that way?
– How do you want to feel?
– What action do you need to take to feel that way?
– When can I make that happen?

In the meantime, I had better crack on with that to – do list!  Starting with picking the figs for this weekend’s salad…. (recipes below).

Lots of love

PS if you are suffering from a summer sniffle or feeling run down – I have posted a few of my natural healthy remedies for a cold and feeling grotty on social media.  If you can’t find them – drop me a line and I will help you out! 

Heal Yourself Happy News!

  • The HYH Academy is launching in October!   There are many reasons to want to be happy and healthy. What are yours?  Do you want to lose weight and feel good in your clothes? do you want to get your energy and mojo back?  Do you want to feel fulfilled and on purpose and certain about your life direction? There are many reasons to make a changeBut do you find yourself procrastinating and not doing anything about it?  If this sound like you, then watch out for an email in your inbox early next week telling you all about it!
  • FREE Health Coaching consultations in September. If you are interested in finding out more about my private and personalised health and happiness coaching and how it can help you, then why not book a 30 minute health coaching session with me with no obligation to continue further, unless you really want to make a significant change in your life and prioritise yourself, your health and your happiness.  All you need to do is reply to this email to set it up.

2 Days to a Happy Belly – Real Time with Accountability

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL and end of the summer and I am running a REAL TIME accountability group next week.   With our summer indulgences and relaxed routines about to be over, along with some of the seasoned ‘Happy Belliers’ I am going to be doing a real time accountability group for the 2 Days to a Happy Belly plan.  There have been some amazing testimonials and results from people doing it over the summer, either prior to or post a holiday as you can see from the photo above or in my social media feeds.

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