Be Happy, It’s Friday: the tale Cinderella’s Slipper

Be Happy – it’s Friday!
And breathe. I do love the summer holidays, particularly the lie ins.. and spending time as a family away from the hussle and bussle of normal school / work / family life.  But oh my, it is a serious test too, emotionally, mentally and physically and I just about survived.  Do you feel like that too?  I am a survivor! 

Today is my first real day to myself for over 9 weeks. (Yes 9 whole weeks – I told you I was a survivor!) and I had booked in some reiki and reflexology as I know from past experience, my body tends to start to implode from holding it together in the last few days of the summer holiday.  It is my favourite kind of ‘treat’ or ‘reward’ to myself.  Reflexology is a complementary therapy where gentle pressure is applied to your feet (sometimes hands) to stimulate energy pathways in the body as well as releasing energy and restoring balance in the body.  It is thought that the whole body itself has a pressure point related to a certain part of the foot.  In simple terms, if you have never come across the word before, Reiki is a practice to restore the Chakras of your body.  Chakras  are energy points or vortexes in the body – starting with your Crown Chakra at the top of your head to your Root Chakra at the base of your spine) and each represents a different organ, gland and energy flow through your body.

My Mumbo was a reflexology enthusiast and would always hold my feet and massage and press and work her magic.  She helped me through many a stressful A level, university exam and pivotal point in my life.  She massaged away back pain and kidney infections, headaches and migraines as well as heartache when my first real boyfriend dumped me.  As she is no longer here, I have found the next best thing in my amazing friend, Yvonne.

She is also a Reiki Master and couples the two treatments together for a complete, holistic energy make over.  I tried Reiki once years ago after the loss of our first baby, but I didn’t really feel anything.  However, I revisited it again when I was diagnosed with PTSD, clinical depression, insomnia and an eating disorder. In the years since losing my first baby, my mind had been opened to a wider variety of complimentary therapies and healing solutions.  I no longer wanted to reach for a pill or form of medication.  And Reiki became part of my lifestyle prescription that healed me back to happiness and health.

I love my sessions in particular with Yvonne as not only does she restore all my chakras but she is also a channel for messages from my subconscious and what I need to hear from my inner self or inner guide.  We always find it fascinating to learn what is going on in my mind and then I have fun deciphering them.  Today, she saw me as an elephant charging through the school gates, wearing 2 citrine rings, hanging out with Mary and Jesus (apparently a very rare message), a circling tiger, fields of soil that became covered in grass and then a tea plantation.  My Jenny Wren appeared just as it did at the window last night, 2 men in a heart frame (specifically not the boys) and finally ended with a beautiful solitary Cinderella slipper, covered in diamante or diamonds that turned in to butterflies, only to fly away so the shoe disappeared… but then flew back to recreate the sparkly slipper again before they repeated the same process.

So, what do I take from all that.  An elephant is a sign of strength and to imagine that you are the elephant signifies that you need to make your voice and opinion heard and known.  Watch out school!!!  HA HA…   Perhaps Mary is there to remind me to be humble in my mothering and nurturing ways and to balance out the charging elephant!

A citrine is a gemstome for abundance, but can also signify strength and personal power or willpower for a goal.  Couple it with a ring on your finger, then it shows commitment and loyalty.  I am reminded that my Mumbo left me a Citrine ring, so I will go and put it on today. Seeing Jesus is often a sign that your greatest desires and goals will be realised.  I take strength from those two together – abundance, willpower, commitment and my dreams will come true.

Without looking it up, I feel that Yvonne is right and that the fields of soil, turning to grass and then a huge tea plantation is a sign that the fruits of my labour and the seeds I have been planting are about to grow and multiply and that makes me really happy.  I am on a mission to help more and more people be happy and healthy and take ownership of their own health and happiness – more about that in News! 

A Jenny Wren symbolizes good luck, but to me, it is my Mumbo as it was her favourite bird – tiny and rare.  I love to know that she is close. I ask for her help all the time and she always responds to say she is close – the wren at the window last night and the citrine ring today.

I am struggling with the message about the green heart frame of 2 men;  hearts signify truth, courage love and romance.  A frame can represent limitations and boundaries.  The only 2 significant men in my life are James and my Dad.  Are they imposing limitations on me because they love me?  Or do I feel they are, even if they aren’t intentionally?  Green is the colour of renewal and energy… but also one of finances and greed.  So, I am conflicted. Both these men are important features, both accountants or money men, are they restricting me financially or do I feel greedy making money out of something I love doing, despite helping people?!  Perhaps the message will become clear over time…

I love the shoe.  While Yvonne didn’t really understand what it meant, I did as soon as she shared the image with me, just as it did in our initial reiki session and she said, ‘I have no idea what this means at all and I don’t know how to say it, but the Eiffel Tower has fallen down…’.  The Cinderella slipper covered in diamonds that turn into butterflies signify all the women I will help through my coaching practice, whether privately or through my new group programme starting on 1st October (see News!).  Through my programmes I show women their inner strength, how they can shine ‘like diamonds’, and see their beauty so that they can transform from their cocoon into butterflies and fly off in to the world to spread their light.  The fact that the shoe is re-created and the pattern repeated just means that I will continue to help more and more women through this transformation.

And the circling tiger around all of this?  Strength, tenacity and power.  My inner guide, showing me that it is all within me and to stay calm and confident.

And there you are.  My time on my sofa to write today is over and as I am on Day 2 of my Happy Belly plan with a group of other Happy Belliers, it is time to go and have my Tummy Tamer juice.

After flooding my body with lots of nutrients, I may fancy a little something sweet this weekend that won’t undo all the good I have done this weekend, so I will make a batch of brownies tomorrow with the boys.  They went down a treat last weekend with my guests, so I am sharing the recipe with you below -they are chocolate orange, with almonds and raspberries and just delicious! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Lots of love

PS:  If you are interested in more spiritual or complementary healing therapies, I wrote an article a while ago about my research and explorations and where my curiosity lead me.

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