How Alice mastered her mind to master her life: From anxiety & despair to gratitude & joy.

Alice was a complete stranger when we had our first conversation, as a referral from another client. Over the last 12 months, I have been honoured to witness an incredible transformation in Alice – from one of despair borne of overwhelming anxiety to a gutsy entrepreneur starting her new business with passion and motivation, confident in herself and in her own words grateful to be in a marriage where she and her husband have ‘the most fulfilled and connected relationship we have had since we met’.

This is Alice’s testimonial after working with me through my signature private transformational programme.

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were :

  • Learn coping techniques for managing anxiety –  my new and unwanted companion!
  • To learn how to avoid my ‘default’ behaviors and recognise when I was behaving in those ways.  These behaviours were not ‘bad’ as such but they led to me being driven to the point of losing sight of what was going on around me, a work ethic that took me to the small hours for almost 2 decades and a staunch independence. 
  • To help me rebuild my marriage, which had broken down.

Ali was able to help me work toward these goals by applying her professional and personal expertise with kindness, to provide a structure that we worked to at my own pace in a safe environment.  Each session had follow-up notes with points to work towards which we had discussed.  Ali provided additional relevant material, lent me her own books and gave me email or text support in between sessions when I needed it.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I now have significantly less anxiety and the ability to manage it when it does occur.  Further more, my husband and I now have the most fulfilled and connected relationship we have had since we met!  Finally, I am able to recognise and rectify my default behaviours, mostly before I start heading down that road as opposed to in retrospect. 

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my level of happiness and gratitude.  I am living a more enriched, balanced and much happier life in all aspects than ever before.

The most useful tips and/or techniques to bring about a change, I found were:  

  • How to bring myself back to the ‘now’ and to be an observer of my thoughts rather than being within them.
  • To work from feelings, how I ‘feel’ or want to feel, rather than ‘think’
  • The importance of scheduling rest/downtime
  • Ali’s ‘The mindful minute!’
  • Reflection and the many ways to apply it.

From working with a health coach, my health has improved because I am now the manager of my mind as opposed to my mind being the manager of me.   This has given me the space within my mind and the freedom from anxiety.

I would describe my Health Coach, Ali, as (gosh, this will be long list):  professional, trustworthy, hugely kind, warm, loving, and nurturing with an unstoppable desire to help.  Ali is 100% reliable, non-judgmental, safe and takes her work and client welfare very seriously.  She genuinely is naturally the nicest person you could wish to have in your life, who willingly shares her own experiences or materials if they can help you.

I would recommend my Health Coach, Ali, to absolutely anyone who wants to make any changes or improvements to any areas of their lives, regardless of whether they are broken or just want to live a more enriched live.

I would also like to add the further thoughts and comments;  Ali literally does change people’s lives!  I was in a highly fragile and vulnerable state when Ali started to help me.  I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and had adrenal fatigue (some may dispute whether adrenal fatigue exists but I can tell you first hand that it does).  I was under weekly reviews with my Dr at the request of the Dr, who made the decision not to prescribe medication in light of the programme that I was imminently due to start with Ali. 

I had gone from having a lengthy successful professional career with a super charged brain, to being unable to retain or recall information and unable to serve myself, let alone others, which was a very frightening place to find myself in.  I am in no doubt that it is the work that I have done with Ali, that restored the functionality of my brain and led me to living the enriched life that I have now. 

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