Kerry: from burnt out corporate lawyer to finding safe harbour, her sanity and peace

Kerry and I have known each other for a few years now through mutual friends. Through coaching, Kerry opened up and her vulnerability was the catalyst to her transformation from burnt out, strung out working mum with the world on her shoulders to a corporate lawyer going to the top of her field having found a new routine that nurtures her and puts her self respect at the top of the list without any compromise to her work of family life. A truly inspirational woman… and someone who I am now so proud of to call my beautiful friend.

I started working with Ali, when honestly, I was in a time of crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I have a blessed life and am lucky in so many ways, but for a period of time, I literally felt I was hanging on to my sanity with my finger nails. My stress levels were through the roof, I spent days shaking, with my heart pumping, nights unable to sleep, plagued by graphic and violent nightmares which seeped into my day, I felt manic, lonely, lost and on the edge. Despite my work output, my energy felt low and behind the continued thrust of the day to day, I felt anything but normal. 

Working with Ali literally kept me sane. She was my safe harbour when I felt adrift from my friends and my family. She was the one I cried to when I felt I needed to be strong elsewhere. She was the one who I didn’t feel judged by or that I was letting down. 

But she was so much more than that. Over the course of my time working with Ali I have steadily amassed an arsenal of tools, methods and tricks to find my way back to me. I feel protected, anchored and at the beginning of a new course, pointed in the right direction with Ali’s sound advice to keep me there. 

I have a toolkit for resilience which ranges from tips around nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and many more. Ali is a health coach and for me, Ali protected and nurtured my mental health. Now I am ready and am taking strides to improve my physical health, again with Ali’s incredible guidance. 

I am a mum to three gorgeous girls, a wife to a wonderful husband, owner of a crazy dog and a corporate lawyer working full time. My juggle is a real one and yet thank you to Ali, I have found the peace that I had lost. I feel centred and I am taking care of myself; my energy and my joy are back in buckets! I had fallen way off my to do list but Ali has helped put me back there and I am there to stay. 

Ali has one of the biggest, bravest hearts I know. She has been so courageous in sharing her vulnerability and her own challenges and she is so generous with her time and with her knowledge. Ali is my friend but she is also an expert in what she does and she does it so very well. To spend time working with Ali is to spend some time in the warmth of summer sunshine; you will definitely come away glowing.

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