Meet Ali


Thank you for visiting ‘Heal Yourself Happy’ where you can find information about my Holistic Health Coaching practice, how you can work with me and also my thoughts on the latest health habits in my blog.

I am Holistic Health Coach certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I work to support people in ascertaining and then achieving their health goals and to find happiness.  With almost 2 decades of experience of coaching, as well as my own successful journey in health through my 30’s and into my 40’s, I am using my knowledge to help others on their health, wellbeing and happiness journey as a Health Coach.  Through being a student at The Institute of Integrative nutrition, I learnt the theory behind the techniques and the principles behind the practices I have made a habit in my life since 2013.  This gives me the credential and certification to safely and officially share my wealth of knowledge and experience with the world.


I am also a member of the UK Health Association, which is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting an emerging healthcare model in the UK focussed on the prevention of chronic illness through sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than treating symptoms with medication or surgery.

For the first 18 years of my corporate and professional life, I enjoyed a career in both consulting and in industry, with a focus on technology in the retail space.  I loved the fast paced, challenging lifestyle until I had to juggle that around a move to the North of England, 2 new children and a husband’s career.  Stress, unhappiness, illness and overwhelming desire to feature in my children’s life more, had me leaving a traditional 9-5 (more like 8-8) to seek work independently and with greater flexibility so that I could make the right choices for myself and also for my family.

I was introduced to a network marketing company and learnt first hand how to run my own online health and wellness business.  I enjoyed spending time learning and then educating people on the importance of understanding the toxin load, holistic health and nutrition as well as the art of networking and being entrepreneurial.  I also started to embrace personal development, self empowerment and self belief.

I have seen the benefits of making health a priority first hand. As my Mother deteriorated with Alzheimer’s, I juggled a young family, a growing business, a busy social life and a marriage stretched to it’s limitations.  And as my mother died and my marriage broke apart, so began my journey of personal healing and health through happiness.


If you have one or more health goals which include weight loss, weight gain, finding calm in a stressful life, reducing anxiety, finding happiness in your career or relationships, improving fitness, health after illness and / or improving nutritional diet and nourishment, and  are interested to know more about I can help and support you in my capacity of a Health Coach, please get in touch.  

Initially, I will ask you to complete a Health History form.  Once you have completed this, then we will meet either in person or virtually to discuss your holistic health currently and any future goals. At the end of that hour, we will discuss how we will work together going forward to achieve happiness and health in your life. 



All conversations as well as information and details provided remain confidential at all times.

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