Corporate & Group Coaching

As with private coaching, for all companies I work on the concept of ‘bio-individuality’.  I believe that each company, each leader, each corporate environment is different and therefore each employee has unique lifestyle and nutritional need.  By working with me as a health coach within your company, we will look and listen to the unique requirements of the business and it’s employees, their mind, lifestyle as well as personal and corporate preferences to restore holistic health and happiness of not only individuals, but the company as a whole.

Why a Health Coach in your business is an asset?

Chronic stress, anxiety, poor dietary habits and a lack of exercise all significantly contribute to employee performance.  Fortunately, these often chronic ailments can be avoided or reduced significantly with simple, preventative care for employees.  Engaging with a Health Coach to work in your company is a cost effective solution to improve employee health, as well as boost morale and at the same time decrease your organisation’s health-related costs.

By working with a Health Coach, employees will learn how to make better food and lifestyle choices, improve physical and mental well-being.  In return your organisation will see an increase in employee engagement, improvements in productivity and output and a decrease in employee stress, time off for illness and reduced absenteeism, and even attrition.

What does a Health Coach do in a business or organisation?

I work closely with a company to determine their individual blend of coaching requirements and could include one or more of the following:

  • Individual, private coaching for employees who would benefit from some focus on their health.  This includes regular check in sessions (twice a month) with employees to determine their health goals and achieve success through accountability, guidance and motivation. This can be particularly beneficial for employees
    • returning from maternity / paternity leave
    • showing signs of mental health related issues – anxiety, stress, depression
    • struggling with their physical health or health in general that is impacting their ability to focus on their work and productivity.
  • Group coaching with groups of up to 6 people, meeting monthly to provide theory on the 6 points of what balanced health looks like, reflect on their own health and determine small, incremental changes to improve their overall health and happiness.
  • Corporate Presentations and / or lunch hour workshops for employees on specific and relevant topics, for example:
    • Food for fuel and brain power
    • Nourishment on and off the plate for holistic health
    • How to include movement and exercise in a sedentary work place
    • Mindfulness to create harmony and success in the work place


How quickly will the organisation benefit from the results?

Results will vary business to business and from person to person depending on their existing levels of health and lifestyle and how open they are to learning and how quick they are to implement to change.  I am skilled in coaching, motivating and also providing accountability.  I have a wealth of feedback and testimonials that confirm that my presentations, workshops and private coaching are interesting, engaging and leave people inspired and excited to make a change.  I have also seen first hand, how people respond to small changes leading to results mean they are then motivated to make bigger changes and reach larger goals.


Even if there are no significant health issues in your corporation, you will still see benefits!  Many healthy and happy people may not be pratising nutrition and lifestyle habits that will ensure long term health and vitality.

Prices are determined based on Client Brief and budgets.

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