The Academy – 12 week group coaching programme

Workshops / Group Coaching

All my workshops are practical to enable everyone to determine their own personalised plan to achieve their goals.  Workshops take up to 2 hours and can be done in person or virtually for up to 6 people.  Topics include:

  • Sleep Matter
  • Mindfulness for Health & Happiness
  • Women’s Health (PMS, Menopause)
  • Why do I feel so low?
  • What should I eat?
    • for weightloss
    • for a happy mind;  mental health
    • for a happy belly; IBS & Gut Health

Each workshop is 2 hours and for a maximum of 6 people either in person or virtually and follows a typical agenda:

  • Introduction / Reminder of the topic
  • Self evaluation
  • A  number of relevant stages to improve with self evaluation at each stage
  • Review, plan finalisation and commitment declaration
  • At the end of the workshop, each attendee will have their own personalised plan in order to prevent or relieve symptoms or achieve their goal.

How about getting a group of friends want to do this together? Or get in touch to organise your ideal time and start date.

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 All conversations as well as information and details provided remain confidential at all times.  

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