Ali Mortimer,

Holistic Health & Happiness Coach

Are you ready for a change? 

Are you ready for a life of health & happiness ?

Ali believes that you can heal yourself happy through a balanced lifestyle of nourishing yourself not only on the plate but off the plate by having fun, enjoying the people you are with, loving the work you do, having a bigger purpose and embracing and moving your body regularly.

Ali spent 20 years in consultancy and industry with a focus on retail and IT where she enjoyed coaching, empowering and motivating teams to deliver big results.  She also started her own business in the health and wellness industry and her interest was piqued and a new passion was born.

After suffering burnout in 2013, from ignoring the signs of stress of working a full time job, looking after her family and as her mother’s Alzheimer’s took hold, her curiosity and interest in lifestyle health began. She started to understand and then experiment with diet, nutrition as well as new holistic habits, including mindfulness, meditation, nature bathing and active relaxation in addition to engaging in more active physical exercise.

In 2016, Ali was diagnosed with clinical depression from PTSD, insomnia and was suffering an eating disorder. It was then she experienced first hand the benefits and healed herself happy using lifestyle medicine rather than prescriptive drugs.

She now runs her health coaching practice to help others find their path to health and happiness through bespoke individual coaching, group coaching, corporate coaching and sharing her learnings and lifestyle practices through an online blog, a monthly magazine column and interactive social media.

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