I am delighted to be writing a regular column for Prime Women, an online only magazine for  the ageless generation of women who don’t dress, think, or act like women in previous generations. Women in their prime are unique. Just as our teen and adult lives did not mirror our mothers, neither do our lives at 50, 60, or 70.

The founders are entrepreneurial prime women and launched PRiME as an online magazine that caters to women just like them!


January 2019:  Depression – it can’t be cured, but it can be managed

In 2016, the UK saw a doubling of prescribed anti-depressants in the previous decade. I was part of that statistic. At the end of 2016, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety from PTSD and had an eating disorder. After explaining the events I had experienced in a short space of time, I was immediately offered anti-depressants by my local GP. I declined, but he did hand me a prescription for a strip of Valium (Diazapam) to get through Christmas if I needed it. I tried one pill. That was enough for me to know I didn’t want to go down that route….

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December 2018:  Rethinking Goal Setting

…..Over the years, the list became the same list, a repeat of the year before. We still weren’t or aren’t financially free; we are past the baby years and triathlons have been checked off the bucket list and now clash with the kids’ sporting fixtures. The goals just became another list but the list had lost its excitement, its motivation and rather than feeling good about it, we started to feel deflated..

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Ali turning 41

November 2018:  Surviving the Female Lifecycle: Holistically & Natrually

I am well in to my 40’s and the ‘M’ word has started to become the topic of conversation with many of my friends. I feel that it is time to lift the taboo on the subject, talk about it and share experiences and tips to survive what has always been branded as a horrible time of life.

…. From my personal experience and in doing research, I have determined that you do not need to suffer in relation to your reproductive life cycle and you don’t need a pill to thrive….    In my workshops, I walk women through 5 steps to determine where they can make small, manageable changes that can have profound impacts not only on their hormonal imbalance but also in their life. 

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October 2018:  Mindfulness:  are you mind full or mindful?

It’s a simple question. But are you able to recognise the difference between the two states in yourself? There is a big difference. And mindfulness and mind ‘fullness’ is a big deal when it comes to you, your health, your well-being and also how you interact with those around you and therefore, the ripple effect you create in your life.

Ask yourself – are you the person who has a mind full of thoughts, worries, fears, anticipations, job lists and tasks to check off?

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September 2018:  Meditation – 5 steps closer to calm

Meditation. The health buzz words of recent years. And even though you may not think it is ‘your thing’, do you know what it really is? More importantly, are you aware of the life-changing benefits of meditation to your health and well-being this practice can bring?

Meditation changed my life. Initially, I didn’t even know I was doing it. I was then intrigued by it, so I began to research, practice it and then having seen the health and happiness benefits of meditation, I now teach it.

Let’s start with a simple explanation. Meditation is a tool to simply reset your mind, like the on/off switch of your computer when it overheats or gets stuck in blue screen mode, just before it crashes. Meditation is often used as a way to trigger mindfulness, to bring yourself around to being aware of the present moment, and therefore, an empowering tool to self-manage any stress or anxiety.

With the sound of Cher singing in my head, ‘If I could turn back time,’……

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August 2018:  It is written in the Stars:

The path of change, the road to reinvention and the journey of transformation is not always a clear one. While there can be smooth, downhill runs, there can also be storms clouding the way forward, treacherous cliff hanging, windy roads that threaten your resolve and uphill climbs that question your commitment.

I have found that while my highway through life started as a single track, other lanes have joined it—the education lane turning to the fast lane of my corporate career, moving across as the slower lane when my relationship, subsequent marriage and family lane started to take precedence. For a while, my voyage was switching lanes, maneuvering between hazards and road blocks until I took my eye off the ball. Family life lines became blurred between the conflict of my new young family and my original family and a rapidly degenerating mother. It was in those moments of distraction that a juggernaut blind-sided me and the lanes ahead were obliterated, and the roads I had traveled were no longer a true reflection of reality.

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June 2018:  Body image and self esteem:

There is a ‘million dollar industry’ focussed on weight-loss—books, DVDs, TV series, bespoke programmes, products and professionals—focussed on helping the many lose a few pounds every week, reach their ideal weight by a specific date or even just to look good in a selfie. I feel we have created a society that is so focussed on body image being picture perfect with the right stats and figures that, shockingly, we have bound it to our self esteem, our own value and feeling of self worth.

My shameful truth is that I am a fat person trapped in a thin person’s body….

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May 2018:  Reinvention, making the most of you:

When we are honest with ourselves, our purpose in life is to be happy, and I believe that happiness stems with all things love. Put love at the heart of the change and you will find happiness. It took the death of a loved princess and beloved mother to trigger a change in the royal family, their love for two young men opened up their beliefs around tradition and a royal lifestyle. It took the death of my mother and of my first marriage to prompt a radical change in my life and in my beliefs. I had to lose love in order to love myself. To love myself, I had to understand and get to know the stranger I had become and ‘reinvent’ the new me.

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