Online Group Membership

The Heal Yourself Happy Hub

This is a paid membership group run by Ali Mortimer – watch Ali’s introduction video below where she shares her reasons for starting the hub and what you can expect from joining:

The HYH Hub will provide the inspiration to give its members hope and courage to change and go on to lead happier and healthier lives. The HYH Hub will provide the following:

  • A private community that allows everyone to share questions, successes and mistakes in a supportive environment, providing compassion when needed and celebration when justified!

  • Inspiration through daily posts on a variety of health and happiness topics.

  • Weekly accountability check ins on your goals and intentions.

  • Weekly videos and demonstrations on a variety of health and happiness topics, including external expert guests.

  • For your Body:  Food inspiration from tried and tested recipes that have worked for families, for couples or cooking for one.

  • For your Mind:  Live and recorded meditations and mindfulness sessions.

  • For your Soul:  Asking the big questions with the ability to influence content and monthly hot topics.

  • First access to private coaching sessions that become available and priority response to questions, emails and messages.

  • Free products for members

Get started on your journey to improve your health and happiness and join us in the hub!
Click the button below to start your subscription and then to request access to the private hub on Facebook.