Andy: Raising awareness on the importance of Men’s Mental Health

Andy approached me after I had shared a talk at work on Mindfulness and how it can create harmony in the workplace.  He had been through an intense few months personally and professional and reached out for support.  Andy wanted to publicly share his testimonial for the men reading this, because he feels men typically … Continue reading Andy: Raising awareness on the importance of Men’s Mental Health

Testimonial: Joe – how happiness balls teenage ADHD

I have recently been privileged enough to be able to help teenagers understand the impact of their diet on their mental health; how high sugary treats and foods can lead to blood sugar highs and then the inevitable lows. This can exacerbate any anxious tendencies they may already have and therefore, guiding and suggesting alternatives that they enjoy can have wonderful effects.

Jo: from Stressed on Sundays to Happy Mondays!

When Jo first came to me for help, she was exhausted and lost her sparkle and zest for life after working more than a 40 hour week in a stressful, round the clock job as well as caring for her father after a cancer diagnosis.  There was no time for her or her 'joy list'.  12 months on, Jo is living her happiest life yet and a life she has designed around her joy list!  To receive a testimonial from someone who refers to me as Mary Poppins has made me so happy as I know I have left a patient client with a 'carpet bag' of tools and techniques they can call on and empower themselves to feel happy and healthy.  

Sammie: from chronic tiredness to turning cartwheels

Does this sound like you? Sammie had fallen out of love with life. She felt guilt at not being the best for her family or for her business. She was frustrated at not being able to lose the weight she wanted or grow her business as she juggled being a Mum of 2 young children.
Working with me as her health coach, in 6 months she went from being chronically tired to turning cartwheels. Read her testimonial here.