Drop in Health Check: Could a few tweaks make all the difference to how you feel?

I lived with the fear of putting weight back on.  I used to weigh myself daily and then panic as I was stagnating.  I decided to see Ali for a “Drop-In Health Check” where in a single session we talked to identify my main health concerns and together, defined a plan of little tweaks that I was comfortable with trying based on my goal to maintain the weight loss in a holistic way.

Happy Belly – Happy Mind!

During the festive period, So how do you keep calm?  How can you lower anxiety levels?  How can you keep cool while the pressure is heating up?  There are the obvious things - lists and plans as well as finding time for a Mindful Minute or two...   But did you know, what you eat can also have a profound on your state of mind, of happiness and calm?