Health Coaching

Are you ready for a change?

Do you wish you were able to do or feel one of the following, but don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed, are time poor, lack motivation or have plateaued in your progress?

  • full of energy and vitality
  • refreshed from a good night sleep
  • good digestion and reduce any bloating or IBS symptoms
  • understand and / or change cravings or unhealthy habits
  • improve your nutritional diet and meal plan effectively
  • lose or gain weight sustainably and maintain it
  • find calm in a stressful life and /or reduce anxiety
  • rebalance your mood and behaviour
  • find happiness in your career, work or purpose
  • improve your focus and productivity
  • find happiness in your relationships
  • improve your fitness levels
  • improve your health after illness

Working with a health coach could be your answer!

A health coach is considered both a mentor and wellness expert, working with people to make manageable and incremental changes to their eating and lifestyle habits with a goal of improving overall health and wellbeing.  Health coaches are your champions and your cheer leaders and they are there to guide and support you to make progress;  if you are ready to make a change and are committed to your goal, a health coach will keep you accountable for your desired results.

“Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to the result”

Health coaches support the current health care system by seeing the body as a complex whole, rather than in individual parts and we work towards illness prevention in the long term.


I offer a free one to one initial health consultation which can be done in person at my practice in North Yorkshire, virtually (via skype, zoom, facetime or phone) to discuss your holistic health currently and your future goals.   At the end of the hour, we will discuss how we will work together going forward to achieve health, wellbeing and happiness in your life.



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