Private & Personal Coaching

All my programmes are based on the concept of ‘bio-individuality’, where each body, each person, is different and has unique lifestyle and nutritional needs. I believe that one person’s food is another person’s poison and that is why highly publicised faddy diets do not work for everyoneBy working with me as your Health Coach we will look and listen to your unique body, mind, lifestyle and preferences to restore holistic health and happiness.

Drop in Health Check & Lifestyle Review

This is for anyone who would like reassurance that what they are doing in terms of health and happiness is right or would like some new and fresh ideas if they are stuck in a rut with their health and no longer seeing progress.  This is also ideal for anyone who would like an introduction to Health Coaching and includes:

  • 90 minute session to discuss lifestyle and health concerns and define a plan based on individual goals
  • 45minute session to review changes and progress made
  • Relevant supporting materials
  • Text & email support between session.

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Transformational Health Programme 

This is a bespoke programme for anyone who wants to make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to feel healthy, happy and live their best life.    Each programme is personalised for each individual and includes:

  • 2 hourly sessions, in person or virtually (zoom, facetime, skype, phone)
  • Relevant supporting materials, books, handouts, recipes, all relevant to your goals
  • Text & email support between sessions
  • Emergency 15 minute phone call between sessions

Your health is in your hands but you are not alone!  By working together, we will understand and determine your health and happiness goals and over the course of the programme, we will look at your habits and routines and make manageable changes over time, reflecting and building on these changes or understanding any obstacles to achieve your goals.  At the end of the programme, you will be an expert in understanding your own holistic health, how you nourish yourself from sources on and off the plate, where primary ‘food’ comes from solid relationships, being motivated in your work, having any form of spiritual practice, celebrating your body through physical activity and secondary ‘food’ through diet, nutrition and how we fuel our bodies.

A condensed transformational programme can be done over 3 months (weekly sessions) at £300 a month.

As a Health Coach, I will be your guide, your accountability partner, your cheerleader and a channel to brainstorm and discuss ideas and resultsAs a client, you will set the pace and the agenda.  And we both bring commitment.

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