Wellness Retreats

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In 2020, I will be running 1 and 2 day Heal Yourself Happy Retreats in North Yorkshire on a variety of topics, for example:

  • How to feel Joy
  • Weightloss & Wellbeing
  • Holistic Health & Living a Balanced life
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

I am also excited to be contributing to and recommending Vitality Wellness Retreats in Southern Spain.  These are 5 day, 4 night retreats which focus on balance and wellness, with a broad spectrum of fitness ranging from hikes and HIIT to pilates and yoga and include sessions on health, nutrition, wellness, mindfulness and meditation.  There is also time to rest and recover and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and get a real rest from every day life.

Time to work out!

HYH Retreat 2

Time to Eat!

HYH Retreat 3

Time to Relax:

HYH Retreat 1